The BioMat Network has chosen the chambered nautilus for our logo because it represents growth and expansion.

Its intricately patterned beauty replicates itself again and again, creating a spiral, which is also a symbol of eternity. We in the BioMat Network are a part of the growth and expansion of awareness and healing in the world. Through our efforts the healing energy of the BioMat will reach more and more people and help bring harmony to their lives, and the lives of their families and friends.

To value and care for the well-being of ourselves and others.

To celebrate the pleasure of working together.

To take joy in our lives and have gratitude for our opportunities.

Emily, I send you very warm and heartfelt wishes. I have no doubt that in the comfort of your own home, the BioMat energetically aides you wonderfully well and maintains for you a level of health and vitality that even the very young appreciate and admire. What a gift the BioMat truly is - but no more than you Emily; for you are an icon, an inspiration and a blessed woman. So much of my achievement with the BioMat I owe to you and your wonderful staff. Let us acknowledge that it is the simple pleasures in life - the genuine merging of giving and receiving - that is so beautiful and brings so much joy. This, I believe, epitomizes you and is the source of your success. Only the heart knows such kindness.

-Janice Franks, Certified Holistic Health Practitioner


I want to tell you how thankful I am that you introduced me to the BioMat, especially when I was in great need. It literally saved me from the worst back pain I had ever experienced. I tried just about everything unsuccessfully.  Many thanks to you and all your staff at the BioMat Network for being there and helping us move forward.

-Richard A Freiberg OMD, DAc AP, Lac

Your energy and enthusiasm were infectious to me from the first time I met you and bought my first BioMat.

The BioMat has improved my life in so many ways - it keeps my back pain at bay, gives me more energy in the afternoon when I usually start to run out, and is becoming another source of income which will help support me as I scale back my acupuncture practice. It is so much fun introducing people to the BioMat and watching them realize how much it will change their lives!

Your team is just the tops! You are all so organized and on top of everything. You treat me as if I'm the only person selling under you, even remembering the names of my buyers...and you have hundreds of us to remember!

-Kate Carter, Acupuncturist